Our mission is to help young people around the world to become the best version of themselves. We help people to find their strengths, find their confidence and assist them in going as far as they aspire to go. Our strategy is to offer various solutions to our clients on how to improve learning and give tools to make life as they want it to be.


There are various reasons why someone isn’t excelling in his/her studies. Individual differences among young people in their maturity, socio-economic background and learning styles and capabilities are the main reasons why young people have difficulties in their studies. These difficulties often mean challenges in further education. In addition, many young people cannot address their strengths and weaknesses, which means they don’t know what their career choice could be. Some adolescents also have problems motivating themselves when preparing for final exams, which can be crucial for their future. Our primary business is to prepare adolescents to succeed in secondary school final exams, and after that help them succeed also in entrance exams when applying for a university in Finland. We have over 20 years of pedagogical experience in that field and 100 000 young adults have been trained by us throughout these years.

20 years of pedagogical experience in teaching a wide selection of subjects from natural sciences to art studies gives us a strong understanding and knowledge how to educate people. We also offer a vast selection of digital material that enables learning wherever and whenever the clients need it. We also offer various smart solutions which, for example, use artificial intelligence to improve learning.

Our strategy is to be a human-oriented company that listens to its clients’ wishes and needs. Young people are very vulnerable when they are trying to find out what their strengths are and what drives them in life. We offer various support services to our clients to help them go through the exams without stressing extensively. Support services include assistance and conversation help over the phone, a Career Machine that helps understand what you can do with your strengths and skills, and an Education Guru that helps students use different learning techniques, reading plans, and time management techniques to help them reach their fullest potential.

Finland is known for its social equality. Unfortunately, social inequality has been increasing lately and that is the reason why Eximia offers multiple scholarships to students from families with limited means every year. Eximia also has a collaboration project with two schools in Namibia to support equality and education there, especially girls’ education.

We also offer wellness courses to support learning and teach useful life skills concerning relaxation and concentration in demanding situations.

We are delighted to offer you more information about us and our work making the higher education more accessible in the world. Please contact our customer service +358 9 2727 130 or info@eximia.fi if you have any questions.